Importance of the Research Associate in Executive Search

11th May 2022

The role of the Research Associate in Executive Search should not be underestimated. They play an integral part throughout the whole process from beginning to end. The Research Associate not only represents the Executive Search firm they are working for but also the client and the candidate.

The Researcher is the person who gets the search started. They plan the searchThey know where to go first, which firms to reach out to and who are the most likely to have the candidates they need for the job. They will have a deep and thorough understanding of whether the person may or may not be qualified for the role. They are experts at gathering this information before they even speak to the candidate. Their groundwork is critical.  They are then also the first person any potential candidate speaks to so can make or break this early stage of the search.

As the Researcher works their way up to the next rung on the Executive Search career ladder they continue to deepen their expertise, broaden their exposure and develop their networks until they are fee earners themselves. Many opt to stay on the Researcher path becoming absolutely indispensable after many years in their sectors.

If you are interested in a Research Associate role please do get in touch.